Returns Management Software

Intelligent, Automated Retail Product Returns

Streamline Product Returns Processes with Ease and Accuracy

Returns is an important component of delivery operations that most, if not all, retailers need to manage. By providing a friendly and simple return process for customers, businesses can maintain positive customer relationships and continued brand loyalty, even when a customer isn’t entirely pleased with the purchased item.

Maintain Full Visibility of the Returns Process

Bringg’s returns management software makes it simple for businesses to efficiently handle retail product returns with full visibility, accuracy and confidence. The system intelligently handles returns by automating the process and eliminating any complication that might otherwise arise from having multiple return processing locations.

For example, retailers that allow customers to return items that have been delivered to them without needing to ever leave their homes see exponential gains when it comes to customer satisfaction. With Bringg’s Returns Handling, they can manage the entire returns process from customer locations while maintaining full control over their delivery operations, without needing to rely on third-party services.

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Returns Handling


A smooth product returns process for customers improves satisfaction levels and long-term customer loyalty.

Improved Efficiency

Process returns quickly and efficiently to improve use of resources and keep customers satisfied.

Ease of Use

The returns management software enables automated returns processes that make it easier for businesses to handle returned items.

Chain of Custody

Maintain control with full visibility over any returned parcels or items.

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