Order Inventory Management

Gain visibility and control over your orders
across the middle and last mile of your supply chain

To increase efficiency around delivery and returns, understanding where your inventory is - and why - is critical.

Bringg’s Order Inventory management enables businesses to improve their visibility and control over both orders and the order chain of custody.
Easily manage order inventory in the warehouse, Micro-Fulfillment Center (MFC) or depot, in transit, at the customer’s door, and at your retail locations.

Real-time, consistent visibility across your supply chain

Bringg’s order inventory management software digitizes and automates the chain of custody process, equipping businesses with data-based insights into their inventory for efficiency and scale.

✔ Real-time tracking from warehouse to drop-off location or retail location (returns)
✔ Mobile Inventory Management system
✔ Digital Proof of Delivery
✔ Automated Chain of Custody tracking
✔ Integration with your scanners and barcode systems

Mobile inventory management - Bringg Feature Spotlight

Understand and reduce the rate of returns and rejections

Convenient Returns Management helps businesses better manage returns or rejected inventory by better understanding the reasons for the return / rejection.

Bringg’s order inventory management technology equips delivery personnel with the tools to easily and correctly manage returns processes. By digitizing data collection around returns, Bringg’s platform helps businesses further improve operations.

Automated returns make it easier for customers to reject individual items in an order upon delivery, making for a better customer experience and simplifying the returns process for both customer and delivery provider.

Mobile inventory management - Bringg Feature Spotlight

Swift compliance with regulations and operational rules

Businesses often require continuous visibility into the whereabouts of their inventory for legal compliance purposes or for compliance with operational rules.

Bringg’s digital Proof of Delivery make it simple for drivers to collect the right type of proof – signature, photo, or scanned bar code – and can be customized per delivery type or item type.

Integration with scanners and bar code systems provides further efficiencies, allowing businesses to consistently manage their inventory along every step of an order’s journey.

Proof of Delivery App - Software for Automated Proof of Delivery

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