Hands-free Operations:
Faster, Better, Safer Deliveries

Simplify Driver Task Management

Once drivers head out of their home base, whether it’s a restaurant, warehouse, store or anywhere else their services may originate, there are a lot of activities they need to perform while still being as efficient as possible to make sure they keep to their delivery schedules. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road and navigate to their destination, but also check in and out of locations, keep an eye out for customer or order notifications, make sure their managers are updated about their whereabouts, and more.

Bringg’s hands-free technology simplifies their lives by automating delivery workflows, allowing drivers to work without interruptions and improving their performance, while providing management and operations with real-time visibility regarding the status all ongoing deliveries.

Driver application

Streamlined Hassle-Free Workflows

With Bringg’s hands-free technology driver tasks are automatically processed from check-in to check-out – while the drivers are on the road, at delivery locations, and at their home base. When the entire process is automated and no action is required from drivers, they can work without interruptions, unnecessary stops or superfluous tasks, which ensures more efficient and safer deliveries.

All the while, the entire ecosystem – including customers, operations and management, has access to highly accurate updates in real-time regarding the status of the delivery. In addition, the hands-free feature enables managers to quickly and accurately handle all driver- and delivery-related administration such as delivery schedules and driver compensation.

Driver application

Better Efficiency

Automating driver tasks translates into more efficient delivery operations– from easier driver management, through faster deliveries, to frictionless exchange of data.

Higher Speed

For many on-demand deliveries, every minute counts, especially when short delivery times are guaranteed. Automation is directly translated to drivers doing their jobs faster.

Easier Organization

The hands-free feature helps companies ensure, second by second, that the job is being done accurately and on time, enabling much easier administration processes.

Improved Safety

Whether the fleet includes trucks, cars and/or bikes, Bringg ensures that drivers’ eyes are on the road and not on their device, eliminating dangerous distractions.

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