Full Customization

Allowing you to gain a competitive edge in a way that’s catered to your business’s specific needs

Bringg was designed to enable enterprises to gain competitive edge through delivery operations that are powerful, frictionless, and efficient from backend operations all the way through to drivers and customers. Recognizing that enterprises have unique needs and goals, our delivery logistics platform allows businesses to pick and choose among a wide variety of powerful tools so they can effectively address each of their specific requirements—without getting bogged down by any superfluous features.

Here are some of the ways Bringg’s platform can be fully customized:


Enterprises can customize the look and feel of the Bringg app to create a branded experience for their staff and drivers as well as for customers. They can also implement their branding in the notifications received by customers.


Enterprises can choose from a wide variety of modules that enhance not only driver performance, but also the business’s use of the fleets it has available. For example, Hands-Free Operations allows you to improve driver performance by automating delivery workflows. The Proof of Delivery module helps your drivers stay on top of operational rules related to collecting the required type of proof at the point of delivery. And with Elastic Logistics, you can efficiently leverage a variety of fleets while maintaining full visibility and control of delivery operations.


You can customize the Bringg features available to your different teams according to their specific needs. For example, Bringg’s dashboard can be designed to present teams such as management, customer service and dispatchers with only the specific information relevant to them. You might customize the view so that live orders are visible to both dispatchers and customer service people, but only dispatchers will have the ability to change delivery assignments across drivers. This level of customization enables every professional within the enterprise to work efficiently while making the best use of the system’s features.

By building the Bringg delivery logistics platform in a modular, fully customizable way, enterprises enjoy the most efficient approach for achieving optimal operational processes and customer experiences. Explore Bringg’s various modules to learn more about how it can help you achieve logistical excellence across every aspect of your delivery ecosystem.

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