Flexible Dispatch Software Tailored to your Company’s Needs

Ensure Smooth & Efficient Dispatch Operations

Dispatchers are at the heart of the delivery operations team. They’re the ones who typically handle all the ongoing tasks, interface with drivers, make sure customers are happy, and generally keep the process flowing smoothly. Dispatchers need to maintain control over all ongoing deliveries and the drivers on the road, even when there’s a high volume of deliveries and things get hectic.

Bringg provides the operations team in general, and dispatchers in particular, the flexibility they need to ensure that deliveries run smoothly and any exceptions are handled quickly and accurately. The dispatch software offers a variety of modes that can be used based on specific management requirements and preferences – all providing real-time visibility across the entire delivery ecosystem.

flexible dispatch

Manage All Your Dispatch Workflows in Real-time

Bringg’s flexible delivery logistics platform provides three dispatch options:


A dispatcher manually assigns each task to a specific driver. This is a good fit for companies that are less pressed for time or are looking for particular discretion in assignment based on personal or geographical considerations. In Manual mode, off-shift drivers are not eligible for assignment. Furthermore, dispatchers can see how many orders are already assigned to a particular driver, and visibility into ETA to base helps determine future order assignment.

Grab (Driver’s Choice)

Drivers can use Bringg’s dispatch software to assign any available delivery to themselves, on a first-come, first-serve basis. When a new task enters the system, a notification is sent to each driver, who can then decide whether to accept or reject the task.

Auto Dispatch

The system automatically assigns delivery tasks to specific drivers based on predefined priorities which are configured through custom business rules. The assignments are based on the business’s preferred goals, such as lower costs, more efficient resource use, better time-to-delivery or shorter driver distances. A variety of custom parameters ensures that Auto Dispatch operates in perfect synchronization with management policy and preferences.

For example, with auto dispatch you can:

  • Select a geographical radius in which the system can assign a driver to a task

  • Batch tasks to drivers based on maximum distance and time between destinations

  • Create optimal routes to ensure drivers arrive to customers at the promised delivery time

  • Maximize the number of tasks assigned to each driver for each delivery run

  • Optimize dispatch by increasing visibility during the preparation phase


Provide real-time transparency across the entire ecosystem


Choose the dispatch mode that best fits your company’s needs


Ensure that dispatchers can easily manage deliveries and drivers


Simplify and streamline workflows for maximum effectiveness


Set assignment rules based on your specific preferences

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