Dynamic Menu Distribution

Automatically distribute your menu
from a single source of truth, across all partners

Discover an easier way to distribute your menu across partners

Many restaurants offer their eCommerce across multiple marketplaces. Bringg makes it quick and easy to keep your menus up to date wherever your customers meet them.

Our platform extracts your menu data, builds a digital menu model, then distributes it automatically across all relevant partners, ensuring that their websites and apps always reflect your menu.

Easily remove, replace, upgrade or supersize any order. When inventory, marketing deals or menu item availability are changed in Bringg, Bringg will automatically update the menus on your partners’ sites.

Increase your operational flexibility and control

Bringg take everything from marketing promotions to inventory availability into consideration, giving you flexibility and control over your menu across your eCommerce partners.

Our dynamic menu distribution also increases menu accuracy, by synchronizing menus on a store-by-store basis.

By ensuring that each menu reflects the most up-to-date menu catalog and inventory, Bringg helps restaurants operate more smoothly and improves customer satisfaction with the ordering experience.

Dynamic Menu Distribution

  • Flexible Integrations - manually upload your menu to Bringg or sync it automatically from your POS

  • Rapid updates - Automatically notify aggregators and partners about changes in menus and inventory

  • Fast marketing launches - Easily apply marketing discounts and deals to partner menus

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