Enhance Last-Mile Fulfillment with Direct Communication Channels

Enable Open Communication Between the Key Players in Your Delivery Ecosystem

Largely because of the “Amazon effect,” the expectations of today’s e-commerce customer are vastly different than what they once were. While in the past, a customer would have had no problem waiting patiently for a package to arrive within days or even weeks, today’s shopper needs to know exactly when to expect their delivery. Moreover, they want complete visibility into the entire last mile fulfillment process. A recent survey revealed that nearly half of shoppers—47%, to be exact—will not order from a retailer again merely due to poor order transparency or a lack of insight into the status of a package throughout the fulfillment and delivery process.

This is an issue that Bringg’s Direct Communications module helps companies address effectively, by allowing them to facilitate open communication channels between the key players in the last-mile fulfillment process and achieve the customer satisfaction they need to thrive.

Direct Communications

Real-time, Frictionless Communication

Direct Communications enables direct, real-time communication via text message or phone call between the dispatcher, driver and customer. Companies using this feature can choose what level of communication to enable between customers and drivers. For example, they can decide whether customers should be able to reach the driver, or only the dispatcher, directly. They can also select whether drivers may text customers, or only call them.

This feature also enables direct communication with the customer without tying customers to the Bringg app. Customer messages are always received via regular text messaging, while incoming and outgoing messages to drivers and dispatchers are conveniently kept within the Bringg app. This easy-to-use communication tool keeps customers in-the-know about the status of their delivery while also granting them the unique ability to immediately update the driver or dispatcher of any last-minute changes or requests. From the business side, the feature eliminates the traditional process of a dispatcher needing to hunt for driver contact information in order to update them about a customer complaint, or check in on the status of a delivery. With Direct Communications, dispatchers and drivers can communicate quickly and efficiently to keep each other, and customers, informed about any unforeseen updates or issues.

Customer Satisfaction

Real-time updates about unforeseen delays as well as the ability to communicate with the drivers helps keep customers happy

Operational Efficiency

Dispatchers and drivers can easily keep each other informed in real-time about the status of deliveries


Companies can implement this feature with the specific communication permissions that suit them best

Real-time Visibility

Direct Communications gives the key players complete visibility into last-mile fulfillment processes

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