Customer Ratings

Gain Meaningful Insights into Customer Satisfaction

In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape – where shoppers can easily use the Internet to find the deals and delivery options that suit them best – providing a positive last-mile delivery experience has never been more important. This is amplified by the fact that for many brands, the delivery experience is the single offline touch point they have with customers, making it one of the most important opportunities to please customers and foster long-term, loyal relationships.

Delighting customers during the delivery experience isn’t only helping brands generate the loyal customer base that keeps businesses thriving. It also offers the opportunity to develop brand awareness and stand apart from competition. This explains why many companies have implemented unique factors into their delivery services, such as including branded gifts within shipment boxes.

A whopping 76% of recently surveyed consumers stated that they view the end delivery experience as the true test of how much a company values them. This underlines just how crucial it is for brands, courier companies, delivery service providers and others to garner all the information they can from customers about their experience, and use this information to improve their performance. With Bringg’s Customer Ratings feature, doing so has never been easier.

Making Ratings a Fun and Integral Part of the Delivery Experience – for Customers and Your Team

With Bringg’s Customer Ratings feature, once a customer has received their item, they are automatically sent an SMS linking to an HTML web-based app to rate the driver and overall delivery experience. You can customize the notification and rating feature in any way you’d like—from design that strengthens brand awareness, to specific questions about the driver and the order, to customized follow-up questions based on the rating received.

No one should stay in the dark about a customer’s feedback. Customer Ratings can be set up to automatically notify drivers and dispatchers of a rating they received—providing the immediate insight needed to take action quickly if any issues need to be resolved.

Speaking of drivers, why not reward them for a job well done? The Customer Ratings feature creates extra incentive for drivers to bring out their best when they complete a delivery. Through an optional leaderboard feature, drivers can easily see where they stand among their team members as they attempt to top the scoreboard each week, day or month. This also encourages the use of other Bringg features drivers have at their disposal, such as the Direct Communications tool that allows them to notify customers if they’re delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

With real-time insights direct from the customer, coupled with drivers who are encouraged to perform their best, companies can quickly optimize the delivery experience they offer to truly meet their customers’ needs and desires.



Stay informed about how your drivers are performing when they’re face-to-face with customers, and take any necessary action to keep performance levels high.

Quality Assurance

No matter how many delivery service providers you’re working with, Customer Ratings allows you to make sure everyone is performing to your standards.


Use Customer Ratings to stay proactive about controlling this important touch point in the purchase life cycle.

Customer Satisfaction

Immediately address any issues customers alert you to, further improving the customer’s experience.


Design the feature according to your company brand to add an additional point at which customers are engaging with your brand.

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