Chain of Custody:
Real Time Delivery Tracking

Maintain Full Control of Your Delivery Operations

The chain of events involved in delivering an item to the customer might be short—or it might involve several different players such as consumer product companies, retailers, warehouses, courier firms, delivery service providers and others. Especially for more complex delivery chains involving a number of different parties, it’s crucial that you always know exactly where your deliveries are up to the point where they reach the customer’s hands.

Bringg’s Chain of Custody module provides delivery tracking that opens up a world of operational efficiencies, allowing you to maintain control over the entire delivery process in real time, regardless of the number of different parties involved and who they are.

Real time delivery tracking

Real Time Delivery Tracking and Verification

With Chain of Custody, your delivery items are scanned at every point of the delivery route. This allows you to accurately verify exactly where and with whom the item is located until it reaches the final customer.

With true transparency into the location of your items, you keep your deliveries under your complete control—even if a handful of third-party service providers are assisting you in executing your deliveries. You can monitor the entire delivery process from start to finish, quickly handle any issues that may arise and maintain the level of quality you aim for.

Real time delivery tracking

Real-time Visibility

Know exactly where your items are throughout the entire delivery chain, regardless of how many players it involves and who they are.

Improved Efficiency

Handle errors immediately as they arise, rather than dealing with issues long after they’ve happened.

Quality Assurance

Keep your delivery processes up to your standards, even while your items are in the hands of another service provider.

Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, you’re aiming to satisfy the customer who’s waiting for your item. A complete Chain of Custody gives you the tools to alert customers about any issue so you can meet and exceed their delivery expectations.


Different Chain of Custody strengths allow you to employ this feature in a way that best suits your business needs.

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