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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Bringg?

Bringg is the leading customer-centric logistics solution for enterprises, with customers in over 50 countries including some of the world’s best-known brands. Our powerful technology platform enables companies to match Amazon’s logistical excellence in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience, streamlining the way they deliver goods and services to create the perfect experience for everyone – from their headquarters to the field and all the way to their customers.The rules of the delivery game have changed – do you want to keep up or risk being left behind?

Who is Bringg intended for?

Any company that has products or services that need to be delivered:

  • Logistics – courier, post & parcel, 3PL, 4PL, fulfillment and transportation
  • Retailers – chain stores, grocery stores and e-commerce sites
  • Food – restaurant chains and restaurant delivery services
  • Product brands – consumer packaged goods companies
  • Service Providers – maintenance, technicians, etc.

How does it work?

Bringg’s platform has four main elements:

  • Delivery Operations (web dashboard and mobile app) – Plan, dispatch and analyze tasks & deliveries through a single customizable dashboard
  • Warehouse Operations (web dashboard and mobile app) – Expand the reach of your logistics network to any location for more efficient operations
  • Driver Application (iOS/Android mobile app) – Everything your drivers need for their work, completely hands-free

Customer Experience (HTML5 app, SMS/Email) – A delightful branded experience ensures that your customers will return.

Do I have to use both the dashboard and the driver mobile app to enjoy the full Bringg experience?

Not at all. Bringg is completely modular so it can be with all or some of the different elements (delivery ops, warehouse ops, driver app and customer experience), which can also be integrated with any existing systems.

Can I customize my logo icon?

Certainly. This means that instead of a generic map pin, your customers will see your custom icon moving on the map after they open the link they receive in the SMS message. This is only one of the options available to to customize what your customers see during their delivery experience.

Should drivers be worried about privacy issues?

There is absolutely no reason for drivers to be concerned regarding this issue since Bringg relies on strict privacy protections. We do not collect any data that is not related to deliveries, and we do not track any activity while a driver is off shift. The system only saves the data needed to track drivers’ location while they are on shift. There is no other reason or use for which we keep driver data, and you can rest assured that we will never provide the data that is collected to anyone. Drivers should also keep in mind that they  cannot be tracked either by dispatch or by customers once they are off shift.

Can customers track me after the delivery is over?

They have no way to do that. Once a driver completes a task and hits the ‘left location’ button, location data is no longer available to the customer. If a customer tries to refresh the link they received in the SMS message, all they will see is a rating screen asking them to provide feedback on the quality of service they received.

My phone is both for personal and business, what kind of data is Bringg collecting? How can I guarantee Bringg isn’t accessing my personal information?

We realize that Bringg is typically used on a driver’s personal mobile device and want to assure you that we collect no personal data other than what is required for work purposes. Our number one goal is to make using Bringg as easy to use as possible, while keeping to the strictest privacy standards.

A mobile device running Bringg sends details such as device location, battery status and specific activities on Bringg (for example, orders delivered and time of delivery) but only when a driver is on-shift. While off shift Bringg does not collect any data. You can check out our privacy policy for more details.

Bringg seems to be consuming battery power. What’s up with that?

Just like any other app, the Bringg driver app runs in your phone’s background once you open it and consumes some of the battery for normal operations. In order to provide the great customer experience Bringg offers – allowing customers to track the driver’s progress – our app needs to use GPS as well. Because of this, Bringg uses slightly more battery than non-GPS apps. Yet, the difference between these non-GPS apps and the Bringg driver app, in terms of battery consumption, is minimal. We are able to make this happen by various methods we use in order to optimize the usage and data sampling.

Can I use Bringg anywhere in the world?

Bringg is available wherever there is Internet access. Our web dashboard & driver app are available in Arabic, Bulgarian, Khmer, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish & Vietnamese. The platform can be easily translated into additional languages.

Do I need to pay for the SMS costs?

Costs may apply. Contact your dispatcher/administrator for more information.

How does Bringg pricing work?

Please email us at and we’ll be happy to provide you with the pricing information for your specific needs and requirements.

Which of my existing systems can I integrate with Bringg?

Bringg is an open system and as such it is capable of a high level of customization based on business needs, and can be integrated with any system or app you currently have in place (ordering, logistics, inventory, etc.) through a variety of APIs and SDKs.

I don’t have my own drivers, can I still use Bringg?

Sure, the Bringg platform supports any type of delivery setup you may have – your own fleet, a 3rd party fleet, a crowdsourced fleet, or any combination of these. Whatever solution works best for you, Bringg coordinates your deliveries according to multiple parameters to ensure optimal efficiency.

How long does it take from when I sign up until I'm using Bringg?

You can start working with the system as soon as you’re set up with an account. We recommend testing the system with actual orders before going live at full scale to make sure that everyone is comfortable using the dashboard and apps. Larger or more complex implementations will obviously need a slightly longer lead time for testing.

How can I integrate Bringg into my existing systems? Can I white label them?

The various Bringg modules can be integrated with existing systems via our wide range of SDKs and APIs. For example, the Bringg customer experience, including tracking, communications, alerts and ratings, can be integrated into your own mobile app, and the Bringg driver app can be white labeled into your existing driver systems.

Do you have a free trial?

No, Bringg doesn’t offer a free trial but you can schedule a personalized demo with one of our logistics experts so you can see for yourself how it works for your specific use case.

My orders are all planned in advance but now I want to start doing on-demand as well. Can I do both with Bringg?

Sure, the Bringg platform supports both on-demand and planned orders, or a combination of the two. For example, restaurant chains can handle deliveries of both lunchtime orders that need to be delivered in 30 minutes, and evening catering orders that came in a few days ahead of time.

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