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The Optimal Platform For
Managing and Optimizing Deliveries

Dispatchers constantly face operational hurdles that make their work significantly more difficult. In today’s fast-paced dispatch environment, they are tasked with managing both more complex and demanding deliveries. To complicate matters, dispatchers working with multiple delivery providers often need to manually synchronize operations across multiple tablets or dashboards. Without real-time integrations, this manual effort is time-consuming and prone to error.

With Bringg’s dispatch and routing software, dispatchers are freed from manual processes, leaving complex considerations to rapid, customized automation. This allows them to manage far larger delivery operations, focusing on improving delivery performance and exception handling at scale while introducing meaningful savings to the business.

Streamlined Route Optimization - Intelligent Dispatch and Routing Software

Centralized Dispatch & Streamlined
Delivery Management

With centralized, flexible dispatch and delivery management, dispatchers enjoy real-time visibility and full control across their entire delivery ecosystem. Bringg streamlines, measures, manages, and automates the entire delivery process, all from a centralized dispatch dashboard. Smart, automated and semi-automated dispatch, routing and driver management capabilities enable dispatchers to achieve optimal performance and maximize resource usage while maintaining cost efficiency for the optimal ROI.

Streamlined Route Optimization - Intelligent Dispatch and Routing Software

Big Data

Accurate, real-time operational insights are crucial for improving processes and maximizing efficiency. Bringg’s automation software utilizes the power of big data to improve delivery dispatch and routing, such as alerting dispatchers to changes as needed. Real-time Reporting provides visibility into every aspect related to delivery and logistics (e.g. delivery statuses, average time to delivery, driver ratings) across both in-house and external fleets. These capabilities allow dispatchers to easily track where every delivery task stands, handle exceptions, and optimize operations.

driver assignment - Dispatch and Routing Automation Software

Optimized Quotes & Routes

The intelligent quotes module automates the process of formulating the best delivery options possible across internal resources and third-party logistics providers. This frees dispatchers to focus on managing their delivery flows so they can meet promised delivery time. Similarly, delivery route management and optimization helps dispatchers maximize their resources by intelligently factoring in every relevant consideration (e.g. vehicle capacity, driver costs, customer locations) in order to leverage their fleets in the most efficient way possible.

driver assignment - Dispatch and Routing Automation Software

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