The Leading Delivery Orchestration Platform for Enterprises

Customer-centric Delivery Management Software for Complete Operational Visibility

With enterprise customers in more than 50 countries around the world, including leading retail, CPG, restaurant and logistics providers, Bringg’s powerful delivery technology platform provides the real-time capabilities required for companies to match Amazon’s logistical excellence in terms of both operational efficiency and customer experience.

Our comprehensive logistics management solution was designed from the ground up to help enterprises streamline their entire delivery ecosystem – from their headquarters to the field and all the way to the customer – creating a frictionless last mile delivery experience on the frontend while improving efficiencies and visibility on the backend.

Platform Modules

Bringg’s open modular platform can be configured to fully address specific customer requirements in terms of branding, operations and management. A robust highly-scalable delivery logistics software, it was built on enterprise-grade architecture that enables it to reliably and securely handle huge amounts of data moving concurrently through the system.

Our flexible platform can be seamlessly integrated into any existing enterprise system, including ordering, inventory, supply chain, eCommerce, billing and more, using a variety of APIs and SDKs which also enable developers to create add-ons. The system incorporates state-of-the-art big data analysis, strong data security and robust privacy protections making it ready for enterprise-level implementations.

Featured Platform Modules

Flexible Dispatch

Flexible Dispatch

Manage all of your dispatch workflows in real-time.

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Route Optimization

Create the most efficient and cost-effective vehicle routes and schedules.

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Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody

Enable continuous tracking of items and locations.

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Elastic Logistics

Elastic Logistics

Flexibly manage and scale multiple fleets and delivery models.

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Proof of Delivery

Digital Proof of Delivery

Easily collect and digitize signatures, photos, and other proof of delivery.

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Delivery Prep Management

Delivery Prep Management

Improve efficiency by streamlining the delivery preparation process.

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Driver schedule - Driver management software

Driver Management

Centrally manage driver delivery blocks, skills, permissions and more.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Create the perfect branded experience across every delivery touchpoint.

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