Bringg and AWS

Together, Bringg and AWS empower clients with highly dynamic, scalable and secure fulfillment solutions based on a strong cloud infrastructure, advanced elastic capabilities, and robust security and privacy protocols. These enterprise-grade solutions help companies increase operational efficiency while elevating the customer experience.

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Bringg at a Glance: Orchestrating Through The Last Mile

Today’s market demands more from your delivery and fulfillment solutions. Bringg provides a full suite of front and backend applications to help leading enterprises maximize their capacity, efficiency, and speed. Brings end-to-end delivery technology solutions are built on a modular architecture that allows for robust customization and rapid deployment. Under the hood, advanced data science, machine learning and AI are tuned to improve the KPIs that matter most to leadership, from decreasing costs by improving efficiency, to improving revenues through premium delivery and exceptional logistics.

AWS and Bringg


Rapid deployment methodology -go live in days or weeks, not months

AWS and Bringg


Platform designed to adapt to your changing needs

AWS and Bringg


Proven capacity for over 100k orders/minute and over 5M drivers

AWS and Bringg


Aligns with best security practices and a variety of IT security standards

High Level Architecture


Use Cases

AWS and Bringg

Customer Centric Digital Transformation

Shortened their delivery and service time by 50%


AWS and Bringg

Intelligent Automation Across Field Operations

Improved on-time service to > 99%

AWS and Bringg

Digitally Transforming Delivery Operations

Doubles their sales revenue and halved delivery costs

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