Life is Never Boring at Bringg

The fun (and crazy) life at a highly flying startup

Working at Bringg means following the lead of our founders, who are both health and sports fanatics. They participate in Ultra marathons and Skydive marathons (which basically means skydiving to the starting line of a 50 km run) on a regular basis. They don’t subsidize lunch – instead Bringg has an in-house chef who prepares for us delicious vegetarian lunches, encouraging us all to eat healthy. They also encourage us to go to the nearby (subsidized) gym during work hours!

No less important is the fact that we all at Bringg have families that mean the world to us. No matter what, they come first, but we’re also overachievers – the job always gets done, and always on time. And yeah, we are also highly motivated to over-deliver!