Bringg’s Next-Gen Delivery Hub Offers Retailers the Flexibility and Ease to Create and Control a Customized Delivery Network

Bringg delivery hub network PR card

Delivery Hub expansion with new functionality, seamlessly connects consumer demand with delivery provider supply, empowering retailers with greater ease of use and control of delivery relations 

CHICAGO – November 9, 2021– Bringg, the leading data-led delivery and fulfilment cloud platform provider, today announces its plan to significantly scale up its third-party delivery solution – the ‘Bringg Delivery Hub’. This expansion enables retailers to rapidly increase their delivery capacity, while maintaining control of their delivery operations, in the face of rising consumer demand and a fragmented supply of delivery providers.

With consumers demanding different delivery options with faster delivery times – all free of charge – retailers need to swiftly increase delivery capacity, gain more visibility into their  third-party delivery operations and maintain full control of the end consumer’s delivery experience. The Bringg Delivery Hub’s new functionality enables retailers to build and manage personalized delivery provider networks, while maintaining full ownership of the data, relationships and contracting terms. Retailers can now manage third-party delivery providers as a natural extension of their business at every delivery touchpoint. Additionally, delivery provider performance data can be leveraged for continuous optimization and delivery process improvement.  

Raviv Chalamish, Senior VP Product Management, said:Delivery provider fragmentation makes it challenging for retailers to reach the right providers to effectively increase delivery capacity while supporting a myriad of unique order requirements. To remain operationally efficient, and competitive, it’s critical for all players to operate within an open,  connected delivery and fulfillment ecosystem together. This will enable retailers and delivery providers alike to drive business growth, streamline delivery operations, and increase customer lifetime value”.

Bringg Delivery Hub latest enhancements include: 

  • Diverse Provider Selection & Filtering 

Retailers can leverage the catalog feature to select and pinpoint the right delivery providers with rich filtering to support unique order requirements. Personalized networks of delivery providers can be easily created according to geographical coverage, verticals served, delivery service levels, special services offered, and methods of transport. Bringg’s Delivery Hub supports parcel delivery, hyper-local last mile, big and bulky, white glove, and green fleets (to name a few).

  • Delivery Provider Management Capabilities 

Bringg’s Delivery Hub facilitates contracting delivery providers either directly (on the retailer’s terms) or having the contracting fully managed by Bringg. Provider payments and disputes can also be managed with Bringg’s billing services. Bringg’s Fleet Router takes multiple constraints into consideration – including cost, distance and the unique business needs of retailers – to automatically dispatch orders between the right providers. 

  • Data Analytics for Delivery Process Optimization 

This new feature enables retailers to measure and optimize delivery provider performance, efficiency and customer experience in real time via a personal dashboard. Provider performance gaps can be easily identified (such as SLAs and cancelled orders) and delivery operations can be reoptimized by fine tuning delivery provider selections.

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