BringgGreen the Industry’s First Sustainability Tech Practice Helps Retailers and Logistics Providers Reduce Carbon Emissions and Provide Green Delivery Experiences to Consumers

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Bringg launches a new suite of solutions aimed to help retailers meet net-zero pledges, and provide a competitive advantage as consumers increasingly favor retailers with sustainability priorities 

Chicago – April 20, 2021Bringg, the leading delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider, announced today the launch of its BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice. With solutions that focus on green fleet selection, carbon reporting, transparent internal and external sustainability communications, and business innovation, BringgGreen provides a competitive advantage for retailers as consumers increasingly support those with sustainability investments.

Bringg is the only delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider to offer such a comprehensive tech practice that is aimed toward helping retailers meet net-zero pledges. The new suite of solutions was purpose-built to help retailers and their logistics providers reduce carbon footprints by focusing on last-mile operations that can be more eco-efficient, and in turn, have a positive impact on the environment.

“According to the World Economic Forum, e-commerce growth will lead to a 30% increase in delivery-related carbon emissions by 2030. Now is the time for retailers to invest in reducing their carbon footprint and do their part to help improve the quality of our global environment,” said Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg. “We have a corporate responsibility to reduce last-mile emissions by providing retailers and logistics providers with solutions to help meet their net-zero goals and we are proud to introduce BringgGreen to assist.”

Rolling out on Earth Day and throughout 2021, BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice will offer:

  • New Green product features like: 
    • Routing that optimizes for lower fuel consumption 
    • Eco-friendly fleet selection for retailers who want to prioritize green vehicles
    • Order batching to decrease routes driven
    • 3D Load Optimization to ensure that delivery vehicles carry to full capacity
    • Carbon Emission Visibility and tracking to enable consumers to communicate preference for green delivery at checkout and to enable brands to notify the consumer about the carbon emission related to their delivery
  • Green Last Mile Best Practices to help execute, track and report on CO2 emissions and number of green deliveries with pre-defined  KPIs and real-time BI
  • Green Ecosystem with our growing Delivery Hub network
  • Business Innovation & Education Program – offering workshops on how to report and track CO2 savings to help retailers communicate metrics with consumers and incentivize sustainable behaviors

BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice provides customers and ecosystem partners with solutions to approach their sustainability efforts gradually. For example, a retailer can work with Bringg and initiate partnerships with green delivery organizations by starting with working with green logistics partners, then move to better routing or batching deliveries, and then completely remove a paper trail with digital communications. In having more visibility and efficiency around last mile operations, companies can begin to decrease their overall CO2 output.

“Retailers are facing an immense challenge in implementing a successful supply chain, especially when it comes to sustainability and fulfillment,” said Bloch. “Technology plays a major role in solving these challenges. BringgGreen is a proven, inherent solution on a modular platform that can help retailers gradually take on their sustainability initiatives, step by step. We look forward to the day where all companies are net-zero and sustainability practices are standard in corporate boardrooms and no longer a specialized goal.”

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