Delivery Center Signs Technology Partnership With Bringg To Optimize Deliveries Across The Country

PR Bringg & DeliveryCenter

The Bringg partnership, built on Delivery Center’s model of using shopping malls as delivery hubs, has already yielded a 25% reduction in customer waiting time and a 20% savings in operational costs.

São Paulo, June 16, 2020 – Delivery Center, a delivery services company that enables multiple home delivery channels from shopping malls, marketplaces and store owners, continues to improve its service with their newly signed partnership with Bringg, the leading delivery orchestration platform. Bringg’s SaaS technology enables Delivery Center to shorten delivery times and optimize logistics processes for greater efficiency. Using Bringg, Delivery Center has achieved an initial cost reduction of around 20%, and a 25% reduction in delivery time. Together with Bringg, Delivery Center ensures a top-quality experience with faster deliveries from the moment a customer orders, to delivery with a variety of fleets, all the way to the customer’s door.

By partnering with Bringg, Delivery Center is able to fully leverage their locations in shopping malls and their network of dark kitchens to achieve market leading delivery speeds. Bringg’s automated dispatch technology enables instant processing and assignment of orders to different routes and modes of transportation, allowing dispatchers to focus on complexities such as the synchronization between filling an order and the couriers on their way to collect and then deliver orders.

Delivery Center also benefits from Bringg’s route optimization, which takes into account a myriad of variables, and automatically selects the best delivery option, whether motorcycle, bike, or vehicle. As part of Bringg’s dynamic routing, orders are dynamically assigned and batched, improving delivery speed and reducing delivery prices,  maintaining the best possible delivery experience.

“Bringg has been an important ally in two vitally important ways – speed and cost,” explains Joaquim Neto, CXO of Delivery Center. “With Bringg we are able to deploy the best type of fleet, in the most efficient way, and tie every part of the delivery process together. In turn, this creates a consistently superior delivery experience in every respect.”

“We are very excited to be part of the first large-scale use case to transform shopping malls into major distribution centers,” says Bringgs CEO Guy Bloch. “Even if you are close to the customer, it is not enough. Our partnership is generating extremely impressive results that Delivery Center can be proud of and that show the immense value of Bringg’s integrated solution, especially when combined with such innovative solutions.”

About Bringg

Bringg is the leading delivery orchestration solution, providing enterprises with the most efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations. Some of the world’s best-known brands in more than 50 countries are already gaining clear strategic value from Bringg’s powerful SaaS platform which offers the real-time capabilities they need in order to achieve logistical excellence across their delivery ecosystem. Market-leading companies from the retail, grocery, restaurant, consumer goods, logistics and services industries trust Bringg’s technology to help them streamline their logistical operations for peak efficiency, enable fully elastic logistics across multiple delivery models, and create perfect delivery experiences for their customers. By using our platform, they can establish successful cost-effective operations that balance the needs of all the participants in their delivery ecosystem – from management at headquarters, through the teams in the field, and all the way to the end-customers who are at the heart of the entire process.

About Delivery Center

Delivery Center is an ecosystem that promotes multichannel by integrating physical tenants, marketplaces and shopping malls. The centrals are in strategic locations to receive orders from consumers, collect items from store owners and make fast delivery via couriers. The malls, located in large urban centers, function as distribution centers for purchases made by applications as well as their own and third-party platforms, which seek to optimize their operations. This integration generates economies of scale, speed in deliveries and a partnership relationship between projects and tenants. The company has delivery centers located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, and plans to open new units in the main urban centers in Brazil in the coming years.