[Press Release] Bringg Partners with Mercadona, Spain’s Largest Grocery Chain

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[vc_custom_heading text=”Using the Bringg platform, Mercadona boosted its capacity in order to guarantee fast delivery for orders sent from its exclusive Colmenas online sales portal.
Further efficiency optimization enabled by access to real-time data insights that pave the way for quick adjustments.
” font_container=”tag:p|font_size:22px|text_align:left|line_height:1.3″ el_class=”font-weight: light”]Chicago, June 04, 2019 – Bringg, the leading delivery orchestration platform, announced today a partnership with Mercadona, Spain’s leading grocery chain with more than 1,600 stores, for deliveries made from its exclusive Colmenas online sales portal. Currently, Mercadona is offering the new delivery service from their state-of-the-art warehouse in València to 97 municipalities across the province. The cooperation with Bringg will allow Mercadona to orchestrate deliveries from the warehouse directly to the customer’s door, ensuring world-class delivery experiences for their customers.

Bringg’s SaaS platform builds up Mercadona’s ability to deliver its products within a specified time slot with an extremely high degree of accuracy. By taking into account and optimizing the loading and unloading times, as well as the delivery routes, each driver is able to complete more deliveries in significantly less time.

Bringg’s impact is further magnified by the full visibility it provides, enabling Mercadona to measure and improve the performance of fleets while adapting in real-time to obstacles such as traffic and a host of other unforeseen circumstances. For dispatchers, this new level of visibility and route optimization allows them to take preventive measures when issues are likely to occur and to quickly resolve those that do occur.

“We finally have the real-time visibility that we needed in order to produce the results we were hoping for, and we expect that’s only going to improve as we further leverage our data.”

“When we were looking for a solution to manage our entire delivery ecosystem, one of our first criteria was a partner with a proven record that offered a platform which would scale quickly and have near-immediate impact” said José Ramón Pérez, Product Manager of Mercadona Online. “We finally have the real-time visibility that we needed in order to produce the results we were hoping for, and we expect that’s only going to improve as we further leverage our data.”

“There’s a reason that Mercadona is the largest grocer in Spain. They’re always looking for the next product or service that’s going to give them an edge in the market. For them to choose to work with Bringg is a testament to the strategic value we provide.” said Guy Bloch, CEO of Bringg. “We look forward to continuing to help Mercadona provide the flawless delivery experiences that their customers expect and deserve.”

About Bringg

Bringg is the leading delivery orchestration solution, providing enterprises with the most efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations. Some of the world’s best-known brands in more than 50 countries are already gaining clear strategic value from Bringg’s powerful SaaS platform which offers the real-time capabilities they need in order to achieve logistical excellence across their delivery ecosystem. Market-leading companies from the retail, grocery, restaurant, consumer goods, logistics and services industries trust Bringg’s technology to help them streamline their logistical operations for peak efficiency, enable fully elastic logistics across multiple delivery models, and create perfect delivery experiences for their customers. By using our platform, they can establish successful cost-effective operations that balance the needs of all the participants in their delivery ecosystem – from management at headquarters, through the teams in the field, and all the way to the end-customers who are at the heart of the entire process.

About Mercadona

Mercadona, a physical supermarket and online sales company, has more than 1,600 supermarkets throughout Spain. With more than 85,000 employees, all of them with stable and quality employment, Mercadona provides daily service to some 5.3 million households in Spain. The company plans to open its first stores in Portugal in 2019.