Bringg Expands BringgNow Offering With Postmates

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Small and medium sized businesses using the BringgNow last-mile delivery solution can quickly add Postmates to their fulfillment options, in addition to or in place of inhouse drivers.

Chicago, April 16, 2020 – Bringg, the leading delivery orchestration platform, announced today that Postmates, a leader in on-demand delivery will be part of the BringgNow solution. Small and medium sized restaurants and grocers using the free BringgNow delivery solution can now deploy two of the country’s largest and most advanced delivery fleets with a single seamless integration, providing users with rapid access to a wider and more flexible range of delivery options.

Using BringgNow, restaurants and grocers can manage their delivery operations including in-house drivers for free, while using Postmates for no more than their regular delivery fees, to augment their delivery options in real-time. The combination will allow SMEs that were either previously unable to deliver or cope with delivery demand in the wake of COVID-19, to provide dependable, contactless deliveries that customers are counting on, even during times of high demand.

“BringgNow is about providing a free delivery solution to SMEs to help them survive the market upheaval and growing demand that COVID-19 is causing,” said Guy Bloch, Bringg’s CEO. “Our partnership with Postmates is a major boost to those businesses because now they will be able to augment existing drivers, provide contactless deliveries, and not have to close up shop while only the big players are able to cope with this new environment of delivery needs.”

“Being part of the BringgNow offering isn’t simply about business as usual, it’s about making an impact by helping out those businesses that would normally be far less capable to adapt to the shift Covid-19 has brought,” said Andreas Lieber, Senior Vice President, Business & Corporate Development, Postmates. “Bringg’s’ new SME solution will be instrumental in ensuring that small and medium sized businesses have the ability to utilize Postmates to help their businesses during this time.”

Bringg is constantly adding fleets to our network, learn more about becoming a partner here.

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