Bringg Unveils its Vision to Create a Connected Last-Mile Network with New Brand Campaign: Achieve More. Together.

New identity reflects the company’s long standing leadership in the market, connecting the entire last-mile ecosystem

CHICAGO – February 15, 2022Bringg, the leading data-led delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider, is excited to announce its new campaign, “Achieve More.Together.”, to solidify their role connecting brands and customers globally through an open last mile delivery network. Bringg’s mission is to ensure that every brand can scale up, optimize their logistics operations, and improve their customer’s experience in order to achieve true customer-centricity through an optimized and connected delivery and fulfillment network. 

Over the past year customer expectations have evolved and COVID has taken a toll on the population, accelerating a shift in the way people interact, but more importantly what they value. What people value most right now is time. Delivery goes beyond the fulfillment of products and goods; it is the fruition of a promise made between consumers and the brands they choose, a commitment to provide what consumers ask for when and where they ask for it. It is the connection from online to offline, and it is how retailers, and their logistics partners are able to meet their customers fulfillment needs no matter the situation. That is the driving force behind Bringg, to enable retailers to deliver on their promise to respect and value their customers.

“This campaign reflects our vision and commitment to the market, it’s about enabling a human connection, created throughout the entire delivery chain. While we are a technology company, we are more than just the platform we provide. We are a solution to help connect people and create experiences,” said Guy Bloch, CEO at Bringg. “Our goal is to give our clients a competitive edge in the market and stand up to the marketplace domination. Today, the last-mile is the one physical touchpoint for many online shoppers, and it is critical for brands to get it right. By providing an array of last-mile delivery models with exceptional customer experiences, Bringg enables our brands to place the focus on the customer while striving for and achieving optimal operational efficiency.”

Bringg’s modular platform, large-scale delivery network and vast integrations, enables retailers to connect to a global network, enabling them to immediately scale up and optimize their last mile delivery. Now, retailers and delivery providers can digitize and orchestrate efficient logistics operations regardless of existing tech stack or resources, offering them competitive differentiation in the market.

See the video here.  

About Bringg

Bringg helps enterprises scale up and optimize their logistics operations with our data-led delivery and fulfillment cloud platform. Using Bringg, retailers and logistics providers can rapidly enable innovative delivery and fulfillment models that maximize the customer experience, optimize logistics operations and scale business channels for growth. Some of the world’s best-known brands in more than 50 countries use Bringg’s platform to deliver the perfect last mile experience at peak efficiency across multiple delivery models.