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[Supply Chain Dive] What the Amazon-Whole-Foods Merger Means For Grocery Supply Chains

Raanan Cohen, Bringg's CEO is quoted in the article - “Amazon has become a leading player in the grocery industry overnight. It’s crunch time for the industry.

[Wall Street Journal] Coca-Cola Targets Small Retailers With Coke on Demand App

Coca Cola Co., to avoid lost sales and keep product flowing in small retailers, is encouraging mom-and-pop stores to use a mobile app to replenish shelves with cans and cases on demand.

[Press Release] Panera Bread Latest Customer of Bringg Logistics Platform

Bringg announced today it has started rolling-out its customer-centric delivery platform across the Panera Bread network of bakery-cafes.

[Fortune] Powered by Bringg: Panera Plans to Add 10,000 Delivery Jobs

Panera Bread, which is being purchased for $7.5 billion, said it would add more than 10,000 new delivery jobs by the end of the year as it expands the service to as much as 40% of its restaurants, up from 15% of its 2,036 restaurants at the end of 2016.

[TechCrunch] Delivery management platform Bringg raises $10 million to help any business take on Amazon

Bringg, a startup taking advantage of the shift toward faster, more transparent on-demand delivery, has raised an additional $10 million in Series B funding. 

[Press Release] Bringg Raises Additional $10 Million as Enterprise Demand Grows for its Leading Customer-Centric Logistics Platform

Bringg, the leading customer-centric logistics platform for enterprises, has raised a $10 million funding round led by Aleph VC and joined by Coca-Cola and previous investor Pereg Ventures. This follows earlier investments from Ituran and Cambridge Capital.

[GeekWire] Faster Deliveries Open the Market for Tech Startups to Reshape the Logistics Industry

GeekWire article - A new report by CBRE found that the rise in online shopping has completely overhauled the logistics industry. Tech startups have responded to this demand. Bringg offers consumers real-time tracking information for their package while allowing distributors to dispatch and manage orders from the web.

[Press Release] Unimasters Logistics Brings Visibility to the Last Mile

Bringg, the leader in last mile delivery management technology, has partnered with supply chain management company Unimasters Logistics to enable full visibility over the last mile.

[Press Release] Hungry Scales Out Its Delivery Zones with Bringg

Leading last mile logistics and on-demand delivery platform Bringg has partnered with chef prepared, authentic food delivery company Hungry to enable them to scale and optimize their business.

[Camcode] Top Logistics Podcasts: 50 Informative Podcasts on Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Transport, and All Things Logistics

Sometimes, it is best to hear from industry peers and learn from their trials, tribulations, and successes. We have rounded up some of the top logistics podcasts from leaders in logistics, supply chain management, procurement, transportation, shipping, 3PL, and more so you can gain insight from their logistics processes. Some of the podcasts include a few episodes that center on specific logistics issues, while others include dozens of episodes and archives covering many topics in the field.

[Press Release] Bringg CEO Joins Advisory Board of EFT (Eyefortransport Limited)

Bringg, the leader in logistics and last mile management technology, today announced that CEO Raanan Cohen, has joined EFT's (Eyefortransport Limited.) advisory board. EFT is the global leader in business intelligence and C-level networking for the transport, logistics and supply chain industry.

[Medium] 30+ Logistics Startups You Should Know

The logistics and transportation industry saw a surge in funding last year — from $7B in 2014 to $14B in 2015. Venture capitalists are bullish about the potential for startups are bringing efficiency to an antiquated but lucrative industry. Often these startups are less well-known due to the “un-sexiness” of the logistics space. To help we decided […]