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[WIRED UK] The Hottest Startups in Tel Aviv

World-class technical universities, plus expertise developed by Israel's defence industry and deep links with the US market, has led to a wealth of startups in security and computer vision.

[Commerce Connectè] Cdiscount va lancer la géolocalisation temps réel de ses livreurs

Cdiscount, which is well-known for their innovative offerings, can now provide their customers with full visibility across the delivery process, enabling them to view and follow their orders in real time.

[Supply Chain Management Review] Leveraging Returns as Part of the Online Shopping Experience

As online retail grows, retailers have to leverage every new touchpoint in the delivery process in order to continuously build customer loyalty. One of the touchpoints that doesn’t get as much attention as the others is the returns process.

[Zuora] Customer-Centric Logistics for The Amazon Era

All these changes have suddenly turned the spotlight on hitherto behind-the-scenes logistics businesses such as Bringg, which believes that “customer-centric logistics systems have become the new strategic imperative for companies facing these new challenges.

[Business of Fashion] In Global E-Commerce, the Race to Solve the ‘Last Mile’

“Retailers have an enormous opportunity to reach new locations if they create a good logistics infrastructure with the right tools, and the opportunity is simply too good to be missed,” says Raanan Cohen, co-founder and chief executive of Chicago-based Bringg..."

[Master Research] Bringg-ing Logistics Into The Digital Age

"Some industries have been quicker to adopt to technology and have become “disruptors”"...

[Hospitality Technology] 5 Things to Consider Before Developing Food Delivery Operations

Food delivery is big business. Consumers demand convenience and choice when it comes to takeout. Food delivery options used to be limited to pizza and Chinese food, but now virtually any type of cuisine is available to the public. Morgan Stanley Research points to a core addressable annual restaurant spend of $210 billion in the United States alone, of which online food delivery currently comprises only $10 billion - less than 5 percent.

[Inbound Logistics] Use Your Supply Chain to Earn Customer Loyalty

"Earning customer loyalty should sit at the top of the agenda." Read the new guest post by Lior Sion on Inbound Logistics.

[TechCrunch] Coca-Cola’s ‘Bridge’ to Startups Worldwide

Program graduate Bringg recently raised $10 million in a round of financing that included none other than The Coca-Cola Co.

[Supply Chain Dive] What the Amazon-Whole-Foods Merger Means For Grocery Supply Chains

Raanan Cohen, Bringg's CEO is quoted in the article - “Amazon has become a leading player in the grocery industry overnight. It’s crunch time for the industry.

[Wall Street Journal] Coca-Cola Targets Small Retailers With Coke on Demand App

Coca Cola Co., to avoid lost sales and keep product flowing in small retailers, is encouraging mom-and-pop stores to use a mobile app to replenish shelves with cans and cases on demand.

[Press Release] Panera Bread Latest Customer of Bringg Logistics Platform

Bringg announced today it has started rolling-out its customer-centric delivery platform across the Panera Bread network of bakery-cafes.