[TotalRetail] How Retail Can Survive the Holiday Season By Leaning on Technology

The back-to-school shopping season certainly looked dim this year, with many students not returning to the classroom. As we now look toward the holiday season, we can expect a change in holiday shopping habits, too. However, unlike back-to-school shopping, which essentially relies on being able to physically go back to school, holiday shopping will occur no matter what the pandemic situation holds — people will still want to celebrate and buy gifts. The difference this year in holiday shopping is that it won’t be happening in a mall, but online.

Online sales were up over 30 percent in last three months, and a new report by IBM found the pandemic has accelerated digital shopping by five years. Both are good indicators of what we can expect the holiday shopping season to look like this year. However, while the influx of e-commerce shopping will give a boost to many retailers, there will be a lot of competition.

Scaling and optimizing order fulfillment will be a major differentiator for retailers in the coming months, as it will enable them to cut costs while delivering better customer experiences and, ultimately, more customer loyalty.