[Supply Chain Dive] 4 elements of the next phase of last-mile delivery

Consumers want transparency, but so do brands and retailers, according to Danone Director of Global E-commerce and Business Development Omer Waysman. Danone recently realized that in order to optimize its last-mile services, it needed to be able to see the data for every delivery — something not all partners provide.

“We were a bit blind in terms of last-mile delivery data … Obviously, we are able to do surveys, etc. But the data was with the external partner. And so we were not able to really follow it and really track it in the best way,” Waysman said.

Getting ahold of more data allows Danone to measure consumer satisfaction, which Waysman said is paramount for a cost-heavy service like last-mile delivery. For a CPG company like Danone, the financial analysis for Danone’s direct-to-consumer business is relatively complicated, he said.

Danone turned to Bringg to orchestrate its direct-to-consumer last-mile business with the hope of using a more complete data picture to better understand consumer behavior pre- and post-purchase – with sustainability and life cycle analysis in mind.

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