[Food Logistics] Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopping

“When refrigerated or frozen items are ordered, this entire process must take the cold chain into consideration,” says Guy Bloch, chief executive officer for Bringg. “I predict we will see the continued evolution of both fulfillment models. Grocers that maintain a larger store footprint typically see higher cart values and will continue to invest in automated temperature-controlled solutions for both [micro-fulfillment centers] and delivery. Most of these orders will likely be planned by the shopper well in advance, and shoppers will be willing to wait a few hours or even a day or two for these orders, which provides the grocer with enough bandwidth to deliver from a CFC (a centralized MFC) with temperature-controlled transportation. Grocers that typically maintain a smaller store footprint and offer more of a ‘top up’ shopping experience will likely continue to invest in the technology to scale faster, providing on-demand fulfillment and delivery solutions to meet their customer’s immediate needs.”