[Freight Waves] Commentary: Why now is an excellent time to sell your logistics business

While the ball was already rolling prior to COVID-19, Transplace’s most recent acquisition is a strategic move that couldn’t come too soon. The leading logistics provider announced on Sept. 1 its acquisition of LeanCor Supply Chain Group, a consulting firm specializing in lean principles. This marks Transplace’s third acquisition of 2020.

We’ve seen recent, similar moves by other leaders in the industry, and for logistics companies considering their near future, it might be a sign that it’s time to allow another option on the table — selling your company. Through COVID-19, we’ve felt the need for keen adaptation to come out ahead. For those unsure about their future or unable to sustain another potential downturn in your business from the recession, the current opportunity for cheap capital gives another reason to consider selling. You could find the time and conditions are right.

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