[FromTheGrapevine] Amazon-like service tracks deliveries in real-time

We live in an Amazon world, where thanks to this groundbreaking transportation app, we know precisely how many minutes we have to wait for our ride to come.
However, that same transparency and real-time tracking does not exist on a widespread scale in other industries, save for a handful of smart coffee apps. Good luck finding exactly when the moving van will roll up, if the plumber will saunter to the front door before dinnertime or how much longer you have to wait for your chicken chow mein and wonton soup order to arrive.

Lior Sion, who previously served as chief technology officer of the GetTaxi app, understood that frustration.

“We started to ask why when ordering a pizza from any place, we’re not receiving the same experience,” he told From the Grapevine. “Why can’t we see the driver coming to us or get alerts on the estimated time of arrival?”

This tech and customer service gap led Sion and Raanan Cohen – founder and former CEO of MobileMax – to create the Israeli-based Bringg in 2013. With it, any on-demand business can share the location of its driver to customers. The company sends out an email or text message that opens a link to a real-time tracking map, which also shows the picture of the driver to enhance safety.

People receive notifications if their driver is stuck in traffic and running late – and when the food, repairman or package arrives, an alert flashes on their phone. No more inopportune doorbells waking sleeping babies.

“Customers regain control of their time,” Sion said of one of Bringg’s biggest benefits.

Like Uber and other car-hailing services, users can rate their driver as well – a move that should improve service integrity.

Bringg also makes it easier for businesses to keep tabs on their delivery people. Merchants have a web-based dashboard where they can dispatch orders, as well as locate and communicate with their drivers. “They can better understand what’s going on in the field,” Sion said.

Drivers download the Bringg app, which enables them to navigate and chat with customers, take photos, collect signatures and write down special notes on the order.

Named one of the top 25 startups to watch in 2015 by Business Insider, Bringg is now deployed around the world, and the company has seen interest from businesses of all sizes and kinds.

“The delivery world is changing because customers are becoming more sophisticated and expecting more,” Cohen told Entrepreneur magazine. “Our tool helps businesses keep up.

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