[Retail Touchpoints] Speed-To-Market Is Party City’s #1 Goal For New Curbside, Same-Day Delivery Initiatives

“When the pandemic hit, we made the decision that we didn’t want to simply survive, we wanted to thrive.” That statement, from Party City CMO Julie Roehm, says it all.

In an exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints, Roehm explained how the 850+-store party supply chain “jumpstarted plans that were already in the business roadmap,” but were not scheduled to kick off for 12 to 18 months. Today the chain is providing curbside pickup at 100% of its stores and same-day delivery at 90%.

But the implementation was not without bumps, bruises and changes. Because it started as a fully manual program, the initial rollout was slow. Now, a few months into the initial launch, Party City has partnered with Bringg, a delivery and fulfillment orchestration platform that automates last mile services, from ordering through delivery.


Bringg Team