[Press Release] Bringg Raises $5 Million to Transform the Way Enterprises Deliver

With a presence in over 50 countries, the company is now adding more customization and API integrations suitable for larger enterprises.


NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Bringg (http://www.bringg.com), the leading on-demand delivery management platform, today announced it has closed $5 million in Series A funding. The investment included new and existing investors, and will be used to focus on the enterprise market.

“We are entering a new era – the on-demand era,” said Raanan Cohen, CEO of Bringg. “Customers are expecting transparency, convenience and a superior customer experience. Enterprises are challenged to have operational capabilities similar to Uber & Amazon – this is what Bringg enables.”

Bringg was co-founded in 2013 by CEO Raanan Cohen, formerly the CEO of MobileMax, and Lior Sion, Formerly the CTO of GetTaxi (now Gett). The company has customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

Currently, enterprises have already existing solutions for delivery operations. These solutions are largely incomplete, particularly in the area of streamlining the dispatching of orders and providing the kind of customer experience consumers expect. Bringg bridges the gap between the two.

With todays rapidly changing customer expectations and the need to move into faster, on demand deliveries, enterprises with existing technological infrastructure find themselves with incomplete solutions.

Bringg’s on-demand delivery solution can be used as a standalone or fit on top of pre-existing infrastructure, enriching or replacing its capabilities and enabling more streamlined delivery operations, while providing customers with a better delivery experience.


DISPATCH: The business is able to dispatch, in real-time, orders to their fleet and get visibility of all their drivers.

Smart automatic dispatching algorithms, as well as real time capabilities for manual dispatching, enables more effective dispatching capabilities for enterprises, while decreasing costs and increasing efficiency.

COMMUNICATE: Drivers get a mobile application that they can use to communicate with dispatch and customers, receive delivery tasks, and navigate to the destination.

TRACK: Customers get full transparency: knowing the exact location of their driver, tracking their movement, communicating with them, and eventually rate their delivery experience in order to maintain service integrity.

INTEGRATE: Enterprises can seamlessly integrate Bringg into their existing management systems and connect APIs.

“We realized that enterprises tend to have more entrenched infrastructure when it comes to their delivery operations technology,” says Lior Sion, CTO of Bringg. “We have now opened up Bringg to work with all of these technologies in order to enable larger businesses to provide the kind of delivery experience that on-demand delivery startups are.”

Along with expanding their offering, Bringg will use the $5 million to grow their work force and further expand their presence in both Tel Aviv and New York City.

About Bringg:
With its on-demand delivery platform, Bringg gives businesses the tools to achieve on-demand efficiency and provide their customers with the “Uber-like” delivery experience they expect. Bringg’s dispatch platform, driver management functionality, tracking capabilities, and real time customer notifications offers the tools businesses need to level-up in the on-demand era.

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