[TotalFood] Bringg and Zuppler Partnership Empowers Restaurants

Bringg, the web-based and mobile technology platform that helps businesses manage and control their delivery process and enables customers to track their deliveries in real-time, today announced a partnership with digital food ordering platform Zuppler. Consumers that order food delivery from restaurants within the Zuppler network will no longer be in the dark about where their food is now that they have access to Bringg’s delivery management and customer connectivity directly through the Zuppler platform.
Easing Hungry Customer Anxiety with Real-Time Food Delivery Tracking Integration with Bringg ensures efficiency and customer satisfaction in the on-demand economy.The partnership allows restaurants to bring real-time, end-to-end tracking and delivery management to customers who order food online, providing excellent customer service and the level of efficiency that is expected in this on-demand era.As digital devices have gained ground, customer expectations are higher than ever. Not only do consumers want to be able to order food online or from an app, they also want to know where that food is and when it will arrive. Bringg’s dashboard has been integrated into Zuppler’s system on the back end to enable delivery monitoring for all Zuppler restaurants and their customers in real-time.

“When a hungry customer places an order for a pizza or Pad Thai, the clock begins ticking and they expect delicious hot food at their door,” said Bringg CEO Raanan Cohen. “Bringg’s technology empowers businesses to manage deliveries by assigning orders to drivers, organizing delivery routes, and enabling restaurant owners to see the location of drivers and deliveries in real-time, giving customers a sense of control over their delivery, which in turn, improves the customer experience. This is the level of service that consumers expect in the digital age.”

In a few years, every business will be expected to provide this level of service, and those that try to develop these kinds of tools in-house will likely fail as they lack the technological resources needed to build out a delivery system. It is simply too time consuming and expensive. With Bringg, they don’t have to; Bringg allows any business to adopt real-time delivery feeds, empowering businesses to communicate with customers. The technology is easy and quick to integrate Bringg’s APIs.

“We sought a solution and integrating with Bringg’s software was the answer,” said Shiva Srinivasan, founder of Zuppler. “We desired a way to seamlessly integrate our technology with our delivery platform and Bringg has allowed us to do just that. Our partnership allows us to provide the most advanced technology, functionality, and design in the marketplace today.”

About Bringg: The Bringg platform helps businesses that deliver “BRINGG” something from one person to another. Bringg’s web-based management system empowers businesses to control and oversee the delivery process at every stage and enables customers to track their deliveries in real-time, elevating the on-demand economy to a new level of speed and business efficiency. Bringg’s API allows the platform to be tied to a system where customers can order goods or services that appear on their phone based on location and see them delivered in real-time, improving the customer experience, and eliminating annoyances and disappointments at every touch point along the delivery journey. Bringg helps businesses deliver on the promise of a good customer experience. The company is based in Tel Aviv and New York. For more information, please visit www.bringg.com.

About Zuppler: Initially founded in 2009, Zuppler is a mobile and web-based food ordering platform. Headquartered in Conshohocken, PA, the company provides ubiquitous, white-labeled technology with unlimited customizations for clients around the world. Zuppler has partnered with the Dallas Cowboys, Choice Hotels, Protein Bar, Boloco and thousands of others. Zuppler powers Restaurant Delivery Service technology in various hyper local markets around the country. Learn more at zupplerworks.com.

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