[Supply Chain Dive] What the Amazon-Whole-Foods Merger Means For Grocery Supply Chains

Amazon’s shocking purchase of Whole Foods Market last week was just a drop in the bucket — or shopping cart — for the disruption that’s to come for grocery supply chains.

At least that’s what the dozens of e-mails flooding our inboxes and various articles in our newsfeeds would suggest. The Amazon effect had finally bought its way into the grocery market, and supply chain managers should watch carefully, as numerous reports published over the weekend recommend.

Based on these reports, and to help separate wheat from chaff, Supply Chain Dive put together a quick guide explaining the event, what it means for supply chains, and a few questions going forward.

 What happened?

The event, as expressed in bullet points, based on a report by Food Dive’s Christopher Doering:…

Follow the link to learn about Raanan Cohen, Bringg’s CEO is quoted in the article – “Amazon has become a leading player in the grocery industry overnight. It’s crunch time for the industry.” (https://www.supplychaindive.com/news/Amazon-Whole-Foods-supply-chain-impact-grocery/445311/)

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