Retail Connected

Retail connected

Conference description: Retail Connected will literally connect retailers across 5 days from all key markets of the world, from all sectors within retail organizations. It will focus on the key areas that have emerged, to define what makes a winning retailer in the new consumer landscape.

Ideas Factory The Delivery Experience: How the Co-op rapidly scaled convenient eCommerce delivery to improve revenues and customer experience during the Covid crisis
Packed with key takeaways and learnings from the powerful partnership between the Co-op and Bringg, this session outlines the key components of the Co-op’s exceptional eCommerce growth.
Check out our session, as we explore the strategy behind their technology and local partnerships, how they optimized performance through centralized data and automating decision making, the economic impact this had on their community, and how the Co-op continues to improve the eco-sustainability of their last mile.
Speakers: David Parry, SVP, Customer Engagement & Advocacy at Bringg, and Chris Conway, E-commerce Director from The Co-op

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