3PL Summit

Freightwaves 3PL Summit

Conference description: The 2021 3PL Summit highlighted the best technology and practices to guide you to success this year and included discussions on multi-modal optimization, customer relations, sales insights, market insights, pricing strategies, and much more.

What the Truck! – Interview
Larry Klein, VP Logistics at Bringg, shared his insights during the super exciting “What the Truck” interview, and examined the practical challenges logistics providers face, how technology is key in maintaining SLA’s, what strategies should you consider to meet rising shipper expectations, and more.

By visiting our booth, you’ll gain exclusive access to our latest market insights, guides, and ebooks, including assets such as a 3PL logistics guide, The Bringg Barometer, The eCommerce delivery ebook, and more. Reach out to our team to learn how Bringg can help you scale up and optimize your last mile.

This short demo focuses on how Bringg’s technology powers last-mile delivery for a global logistics leader. Learn how logistics providers are “doing more with less,” using technology to improve operational efficiency as well as consignee and shipper experience, to improve their bottom line.