How to Reduce Friction & Increase Customer Satisfaction

In the age of Amazon and Uber there are two crucial aspects of logistics that businesses must look at:

  1. Operational efficiency of the supply chain in order to have better visibility internally, as well as provide faster delivery
  2. Customer experience during the last mile of delivery – namely, an engaging experience that provides the end-customer with full visibility over where their delivery is and when it will arrive.

Although point #1 is equally important, let’s take a look at the latter for a moment – let’s look at a specific case in which a retailer wants to reduce friction while increasing customer satisfaction.

A seamless process must exist in which a customer places their order online which feeds directly into a centralized system that enables the dispatcher to assign tasks, automatically or manually, to drivers. The process continues through to the driver who is able to get alerts about tasks assigned to him or her, as well as communicate with the dispatcher and end-customer.

During the last link in the supply chain – the last mile – the end-customer gets the kind of engaging experience that they now expect:

Full visibility over the delivery of their package, including being able to see a real time map of where their driver is and how long it will take for the package to arrive.

For more details on how Bringg can help businesses reduce friction and increase customer satisfaction, see the infographic below.

Where's My Package

Bringg Team

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