3 Ways to Increase Retention With a Great Delivery Experience

Consumers have more choices than ever.

From nearly any place, at nearly any time, they can order whatever their hearts desire and get it delivered to them. So how do you capture the loyalty of these buyers, and in turn increase retention? How do you not only get them to make one purchase, but to keep coming back?

Here’s a fact worth remembering: Repeat customers spend up to 67% more than first-time customers.

So it’s clear that focusing on customer loyalty and retention is a worthwhile investment. But how does this relate to the delivery experience? It comes down to expectations, and those expectations have been dictated by the game-changing customer experience provided by Uber.

There are 3 crucial benefits which when provided to your customers during the delivery process, will keep them coming back.

  • Transparency

waiting for delivery

Is it here yet??
Live tracking and ETA of deliveries have become a standard expectation. This is seen most clearly within the Uber experience, in which a customer orders a cab and can immediately see the progress of the driver on his or her way to pick them up. A simple concept, but one that has revolutionized what we now know as the on-demand economy.

Other businesses, such as Domino’s, also have tracking of orders to know when orders will arrive, though not on the same level of visibility as Uber. However, more and more businesses, regardless of industry or type, are seeing the need for providing this kind of visibility.

Where does this desire for visibility come from?

Humans fear the unknown, and not knowing where their delivery is makes them uncomfortable, maybe even nervous. In a day and age of heightened expectations, if a customer is left in the dark, they won’t take it lightly.

Waiting is something we all hate – we want what we want, and we want it now. With new on-demand services, this is now possible. However, waiting without knowing what is going on – without having full visibility over the process – is something we can’t handle. Just showing customers what is happening with their order and scheduled arrival and real time tracking during the last mile removes a lot of fear and discomfort. This is affects the experience of a particular order, but more importantly, psychologically it makes it easier to place the next one.

  • Communication


Hello, is there anybody out there?

They say the most important part of a relationship is communication. The relationship between a business and their customer if nurtured correctly, can pay great dividends.

One of the biggest friction points during the delivery process is customers calling in with questions about their deliveries. Creating an open line of communication in which the customer can reach the right person. In this case, the driver – can alleviate friction points and increase customer satisfaction.

It’s important that the line of communication is automated and easy to access. What that means is creating a closed system that directly connects the customer with the most important point of contact for their delivery – the driver or delivery person.


Because friction is a killer, and one of the worst points of friction is having customers call in to find out where their order is and when it will get there.

  • Customer Input

Delivery Rating

I like!
There’s an empowering feeling of being able to express your opinion. Giving customers an opportunity to rate their experience serves two purposes. First, it gives businesses insights into how they can better serve their customers. Second, it gives customers the feeling that they can affect change, and that their opinion is important.

It’s important that a business gives the option to give honest opinions, whether they are good or bad.

When a customer feels that their opinion is welcomed and that they are actually being listened to gives them the feeling that they are respected. In turn they are more likely to return as a customer. They feel a connection to the business, a personal connection.

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