How To Cope With Seasonal Demand

In 2013 alone, an estimated 2 million packages went undelivered by UPS and FedEx. What should have been their best month of the year turned into an unmitigated disaster. While UPS and FedEx have taken steps to ensure that this holiday fiasco never happens again, their shortcomings required them to lower their profit forecast for the following year.

You don’t have to wait for disaster to strike. Get ahead of the curve and add drivers to your fleet to ensure that all your packages get delivered on time.

This year, the National Retail Federation expects 2016 online holiday sales to skyrocket 6 to 8 percent. In response, UPS is hiring 95,00 part-time workers, with FedEx hiring 50,000.

Companies who want to keep up with the added demands of the holiday season would be wise to follow their example. An additional challenge of the holiday season is that companies tend to up the level of competition.

For example companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Google, Ace Hardware, Best Buy, Costco, and more have all jumped into same-day delivery to capture sales with value-added service options.

At Bringg we understand these challenges from our customers in over 50 countries. Our platform was designed to empower companies in managing these demand changes in an ‘elastic fashion’. Our users can easily add as many drivers as needed to their fleet (even if they’re crowd-sourced), monitor them on their Bringg dashboard and get them up and running immediately. What’s more, unlike other delivery management platforms, we don’t bill our users for adding additional drivers to the platform. Helping our users grow has been our goal from day 1.

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