The Integration of Bringg

One question we come across quite often here at Bringg is “Will your solution integrate with what I have today?” A valid question indeed, as it stems from the concern of resources wasted. All companies spend time, money and thought in the creation of business operations.

The solid-state mixing desk, the EMI TG12345, used for Abby Road was revolutionary; no other mixer would route the signals from so many audio channels. The console was not a replacement to the beat of Ringo nor was it an attempt to oust Paul’s belting tenor. The two-sided record from 1969 made it clear that the game had changed; it tripled the microphone input and doubled the output capabilities to become most extensible and flexible of machines. Something!

Our mixing deck–the Bringg Platform– is an elastic logistics solution. In studio talk, this means we integrate into everything. We understand that your existing infrastructure is different than the next. The Beatles gear was different than The Rolling Stones’. They both used the TG12345.


Any application can connect to our open API software. Be it SAP, Oracle or a home-grown solution, we have you covered. Here is a reference to the different aspects of development and integration needed:

Merchant Side
Websites & Apps – The Bringg customer experience can be embedded into your existing solutions using our SDK’s. In other words: you can keep what you have and easily add our technology on top.
Online Ordering Systems and POS’s – From Andromeda to Zuppler, we integrate into all delivery management software systems.

Driver/Proof of Delivery
Maps – We cover every street corner around the globe using Google Maps.
Credit Cards – We process on-site payments in all countries using Stripe.

Customer Side
SMS’s and Cell Phone Carriers – We’re connected in all countries via Twillio’s services.

Bringg Team

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