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    6 steps optimizing last mile deliveries
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    6 Steps to Optimizing the Last Mile of Parcel Delivery

    Technology is the driving force behind change in nearly every industry, the parcel delivery industry is no different. The intensifying pace of innovation in the world of shipping and last mile deliveries has created an atmosphere in which businesses need to move fast in order to remain competitive. In terms of parcel delivery, the last mile is an area that now requires a particular focus on innovation.
    Bringg last mile
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    What is Last Mile Tracking?

    What does last mile tracking mean? Learn about the two types of last mile tracking that changed the delivery logistics over the last decade
    customer centric supply chain metrics
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    5 Customer Centric Supply Chain Metrics

    Traditional Supply Chain Metrics are relatively well known, but in the age of empowered consumers, customer centric supply chains have become more important. Within the context of customer centric supply chains, it's important to look at these supply chain metrics as they relate to the customer centric model.
    5 characteristics of a customer centric supply chain
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    5 Characteristics of a Customer Centric Supply Chain

    Creating a Customer Centric Supply chain can be a tricky thing, especially since it’s a departure from the “tradition” supply chain model. While each business has its own operational needs, there are a few concepts that are relatively universal.
    creating a competitive advantage
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    Creating a Competitive Advantage With Engagement & Efficiency

    We live in a new age: the age of the empowered consumer. This means that customers expect to have the power to pick and choose items on their own, as well as have full visibility over every stage of the supply chain - including delivery.

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