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Supply Chain as a Retail Channel

One of the things in the world of supply chain management right now is the concept of the supply chain as a retail channel. As you know the newest buzzword in retail is Omnichannel, but that misses the mark, because you've got a connection with the supply chain across between consumers and retailers that are bringing more players into this retail industry.

Instant Gratification and Supply Chains

Change - it's the one thing we can always count on (besides paying taxes). And the change in the way consumers research and purchase products has changed expectations of how they will receive those products.

REPORT: Walmart to Invest $1 Billion in Flipkart

Well, it seems the turf war over online retail and distribution in India is reaching a boiling point.

Demand Driven Supply Chains and the Pressures They Create

It's interesting, this idea that the consumer has begun to dictate how supply chains should work - a far cry from the days of Henry Ford and his famous quote "You can get a Ford car in any color, as long as it’s black." What we're seeing now is demand driven supply chains.

Competition for Online Sales and Best Buy’s Earnings Report

It seems like all guns are fixed on Amazon. From Walmart to Target and now Best Buy, the "traditional" brick and mortar retailers are trying to make up ground they lost to the online retail powerhouse Amazon.

Walmart’s Purchase of What Does it Mean for Amazon? has grown from a tiny online book seller to a behemoth in the eCommerce space. How did they manage to get as far as they have? Firstly, they managed to weather the dot com bust of the early 2000s - something other eCommerce companies (ala could not do. But it was in its penchant for efficiency and innovation that it truly created a competitive advantage.

UPS Just Validated Bringg’s Vision

Visibility over deliveries - that's what consumers today want. In a clear acknowledgement of that point, UPS has now announced they will be providing their customers with real-time tracking of their deliveries on a map - what they are calling "Follow My Delivery."

What Amazon’s Earnings Report Tells Us About Their Logistics Operations

Last week, Amazon released its earnings report for Q1 2016. Let's just say that afterwards their investors were very happy - the company's sales were up 28% and showed a profit for the fourth straight quarter. Considering its reputation as a free spending, this is quite a feet. It's not that people didn't expect Amazon to have a good quarter, but no one expected it to be this good.

What Can We Learn From Amazon’s Purchase of Colis Prive’

It's a relatively well know fact that Amazon wants to own the entire supply chain - in fact, in many places they already are. But Amazon's purchase of the remaining 75% that it didn't already own in the French parcel service Colis Prive' is different.