The Importance of Same Day Delivery

  1. Do my consumers really need their delivery today?
  2. Are they willing to pay the extra costs for same-day delivery?
  3. And most importantly, is offering such an option profitable for your business?

A survey conducted by comScore Inc. in 2013 showed 92% of consumers were willing to wait four or more days for free delivery. However, the demand for same-day delivery might be weaker than expected. According to a new Booz & Company survey of more than 1,000 online shoppers in the United States, most customers don’t necessarily need same-day delivery and, in fact, in many cases they don’t want it. Some stated they don’t want the item to arrive while they are making dinner or putting their kids to bed, let alone have it sit on their doorstep overnight.

But looking at the current landscape of 2015, the big retail stores such as Wal-Mart & Macy’s offer same-day delivery. Where offers a one-hour delivery option for $7.99.

Obviously things are changing. We are deep in the instant gratification era. This means consumers usually don’t want to plan ahead and they don’t want to wait around.

But as all things it is not that simple.

We learned that far more than “instant” or “on-demand” which at times, seem to be merely buzzwords flying around, PREDICTABILITY is really the name of the game.

Customers want to easily plan their days instead of anxiously waiting at home for their package or service provider to arrive.


The real pain points are:

  • Providing customers with too big of a time slot.
  • No transparency as to where and when the package is due to arrive.
  • The inability to communicate with the actual person delivering.

Once you understand the pain, yet another set of questions need to be answered:

  • Which product categories are most sensitive to delivery speed?
  • Can my business execute different deliveries tactics for each category?
  • Are time-definite delivery windows more valuable to customers than overall speed?

Once you understand your customers, and their needs executing your delivery strategy should be easy and profitable.

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