Bringg’s ‘Hands Free’ Technology: Faster, Safer, Better Deliveries


As we continue our quest to fully optimize the world of delivery logistics, we are adding features that help drivers provide a better customer experience. Being at the forefront of innovation is not just about solving problems, it is also about maximizing the benefits our platform provides with new tools and functionalities that our customers may not have even thought of. One of these features, which has quickly been gaining popularity and traction among our customers, is the ‘Hands Free’ option on our driver mobile app.

In a nutshell, it automatically processes and logs the driver’s required tasks including checking in and out of a customer’s location during a delivery while ensuring that the branch, HQ and customer are updated regarding the status of the delivery accurately and in a timely manner. Drivers can do these tasks manually through Bringg’s driver app with the click of a button (for example, confirm when a parcel has been delivered). However, when using the new ‘Hands Free’ mode, the app will automatically do this for them so they are able to focus on the delivery without any interruptions or additional tasks.

By using our ‘Hands Free’ technology which includes geofencing, detecting driver activity, IoT, machine learning and many other tools, Bringg is able to automatically and accurately record when a driver arrives and leaves their destination. In addition, companies can also choose to send customers an email or SMS alert once the order is on the way – based on the driver’s location and proximity to the customer.

This is a game-changer for many of our clients, including on-demand services such as restaurant chains, who strive for a speedier, more transparent and more reliable operation.

Some of the key benefits of Bringg’s ‘Hands Free’ mode include:

Efficiency: Removing tasks from drivers translates into a more efficient delivery process. Simplifying the job of a fleet has a significant impact on operational efficiency – from easier driver onboarding, to frictionless exchange of information across all parties. This has a huge impact on the entire supply chain, improving the communication with the customer and HQ, and providing everyone involved with accurate real-time information on the status of an order.

Speed: With the need to continuously shave time off delivery turnarounds, not having to log deliveries on their device means drivers can do their jobs faster. For many on-demand deliveries, every minute counts. If we take food deliveries as an example, time is of the essence due to the food getting colder over time and brands guaranteeing a delivery within a very tight timeframe.

Compliance: Sometimes drivers forget to log a delivery, it’s human nature! When Bringg’s ‘Hands Free’ mode is enabled, they no longer have to worry about it as the platform does the work for them as soon as they arrive at the customer’s location. This helps companies increase compliance, as well as accuracy, since they are notified at the precise moment a driver arrives at their destination.

Safety: Whether your delivery fleet includes bikes, motorbikes and/or cars, driver safety is always a priority. Our ‘Hands Free’ technology ensures that their eyes are on the road and not on their device. By automating the ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ process, drivers can focus on their tasks without unnecessary distractions – keeping both customers and their employers updated.

Thousands of drivers are already using Bringg’s ‘Hands Free’ technology around the world and the feedback so far has been amazing. The technology helps them simplify their jobs and improve their performance, while giving their employers and customers unprecedented visibility and transparency throughout the delivery process.

The Future: more technology at our service

This feature within the Bringg platform is a great example of how technology can be used across an entire organization and its customers without creating “extra work” or hassle for anyone. In the same way that most of us take for granted technologies such as GPS for driving or credit cards for paying, the future of delivery will also increasingly become a “no-touch” zone.

The bottom line is that even complex delivery operations can be streamlined. In order to be able to streamline supply chains we’re working hard to create new solutions that will continue to help our customers and their fleets deliver a superior customer experience and take their operational efficiency to the next level.

Lior Sion

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