Are Retailers Turning a Blind Eye to the Importance of Free Shipping?

blind eye free shipping

Free shipping is an essential hook for online shoppers, yet surprisingly many retailers aren’t acknowledging the weight that this carries as part of their overall value proposition. The results of a new survey by Flexe, which looked at both sides of the coin (retailers and consumers), are astonishing. Out of 100 retail respondents, only 24% said that ‘free shipping’ is their most important delivery offer – even though 75% of consumer respondents said that it was of the utmost importance to them.

What is causing this level of denial? It’s difficult to understand why so many retailers are not listening to feedback from their customers. This behavior is known in psychological terms as cognitive dissonance – inconsistent thoughts or beliefs, especially relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

This leads to a shocking disconnect between customers and retailers when it comes to how they perceive ‘what people want’. Flexe’s research also found that while 75% of retail respondents feel customers wouldn’t pay more for faster shipping, 75% of consumer respondents said they would!

Retailers need to quickly open their eyes and listen to what their customers demand. They’re saying it loud and clear, and they’re voting with their wallet. 44% of customers would choose one marketplace over another because of the delivery speed options they are offered. Retailers need to realize that the delivery experience is no longer a nice addition to the purchasing experience, but something that can make or break the future of any online retailer.

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