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Amazon’s New Delivery Service Partners Initiative Expands Their Delivery Network Using Franchised Fleets

Last week Amazon launched Delivery Services Partners, a new initiative aimed at encouraging entrepreneurs to set up their own delivery business. As the volume for deliveries grows, this new franchised fleets model is yet another strategy for Amazon to expand their last mile delivery network.

6 Ways To Survive the Summer at Bringg HQ

Life at Bringg is continually getting more exciting with events, activities and celebrations to ensure we invest time to stimulate mind, body and soul. So here are a few highlights of Summer 2018 (so far!)

Robotics & Logistics: Inside 4 Cutting-Edge Warehouses

Here are 4 amazing examples of beautiful warehouse operations in which the latest technologies are helping ecommerce giants handle record volumes of parcels faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The Biggest Delivery Adventure – Panera Bread’s Epic 9,000 Mile Trip, Powered by Bringg

Panera’s innovations are getting national recognition with the Interactive Customer Experience Association (ICX) giving them the “Influencer Of The Year” award for continued dedication to creating innovative and engaging in-store and digital experiences.

The Latest Logistics Challenge: Keeping Delivery Costs Under Control

Retailers now have no choice but to adapt to this new reality of rising operational costs, and embrace innovative technology as part of their ongoing efforts to find efficiencies across the entire supply chain.

Online Marketplace Wars: How eBay is fighting back against mounting pressure from Amazon

Today, about 52% of eBay merchants are also Amazon merchants, down from 65% in 2017, as sellers have become very keen to tap into Amazon Prime’s 100 million subscribers. The bottom line is that eBay needs to rethink its strategy to remain relevant with both buyers and sellers.

3 Things Retailers Must do to Remain Competitive During the Digital Revolution

The retail landscape has been completely disrupted by the ecommerce boom. Retailers now need to rethink and redefine the relationship between their brands, their stores, and their customers. The entire experience of browsing products, trying them, purchasing them and even returning them has moved to people’s computers, bedrooms and phones.

Louis Vuitton Hackathon: 48 Hours to Unlock Operational Excellence

Earlier this month, Louis Vuitton invited Bringg to participate in a 2-day hackathon hosted at their Europa warehouse. As the world’s biggest luxury retail brand, their customers expect the best service with no compromise. The challenge at hand was to improve and develop the Louis Vuitton delivery standard, providing customers with groundbreaking and exceptional services – extending the brand’s world-class luxury customer experience.

Bringg Selected as Top 100 Logistics IT Provider

Each year, Inbound Logistics magazine develops a list of the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers and for the first time, Bringg has been added to this prestigious industry list. Inbound Logistics’ editors place value on choosing providers whose solutions are central to solving transportation, logistics, and supply chain challenges.

Lack of Warehouse Space: a Threat and an Opportunity

As online retail skyrockets, the need for warehouse spacing is booming. As demand for storage increases drastically, warehouse space simply can’t keep up with market needs - something which opens up opportunities for industry growth and modernization.

Global Ecommerce By The Numbers: 12 Mind-Blowing Stats

Insightful stats detailing how e-commerce is making huge waves globally and is changing the way we view retail as we know it.

LinkedIn Podcast: Fifteen with Founder ft. Raanan Cohen

Jon Schwartz and and Adam Weitman from Linkedin have launched a brand new podcast series to interview inspiring founders and learn about their journey in a dynamic 15-minute interview.