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When the customers come to you: Optimizing Pickup, Click & Collect, and Drive Thru

Businesses looking to integrate their eCommerce fulfillment with expanded offerings such as curbside pickup and click and collect know it isn't a simple task. By adopting delivery orchestration, businesses can see a clear picture of to better execute a greater customer experience.

No Contact Delivery in 2020: Ensuring Safety Through Technology

This post will look at the current demand for contactless delivery, the challenges behind setting it up, and how businesses can use existing technologies to offer fast, safe, contactless delivery.

An Open Letter to Our Community During COVID-19

The safety and health of our families, communities, customers, and employees is of utmost importance to us, at Bringg, and we believe that while we adapt to a period of uncertainty, we must always remain socially responsible.

5 Ways to Improve Delivery When Demand Exceeds Capacity

We’ve developed a number of capabilities to help our customers proactively tackle overflow demand and improve efficiency at scale.

The Big Apple Proposes Smaller Margins for Delivery Providers

Companies like Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates and Uber Eats have drastically changed the business models in which restaurants work. Is this a win-win proposition?

Same Day, Next Day Delivery: Micro-Logistics at a Macro-Economic Scale

The modern supply chain was built for an era of limited supply, where customers came to the retailer. However with the rise of eCommerce, supply is no longer limited, it is virtual, always available.

Modernizing Field Service to Meet Today’s Customer Expectations

A new class of digital solutions are helping field service providers meet unprecedented expectations for flexibility, speed and transparency.

The commoditization of same day and next day delivery

e-Commerce customer expectations have altered our consumer habits so that today, we ask ourselves why can’t everything be delivered like that?

Double-Edged Sword from Seattle

Is Amazon as truly hands-off a player as they would like to seem - portraying themselves as an intermediary, neutral marketplace connecting supply and demand?

The Missing Pieces of Data for Delivery Orchestration

Delivery providers need to move away from pen and paper and look to automate the scheduling and routing of these deliveries, thereby improving their overall delivery operations.

AutoZone Drives Success in the Supply Chain

AutoZone has been innovating heavily in building up the supply chain needed to compete in commercial parts supply, and from investors’ assumptions, it looks like they are doing it quite well.

If Amazon is writing the industry rules, is it a fair game?

Imagine a world in which retailers connect to an open integrated logistics platform, push their inventory as close as possible to their customers, use a variety of fleets to deliver and create exceptional customer experiences at scale.