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List of Amazon Acquisitions in 2017 (So Far!)

Amazon has been quietly acquiring smaller tech companies to help them strengthen their cloud capabilities with AI, cybersecurity, productivity and software design.

Overcoming the Challenges of Managing Cross-National Fleets

Companies that operate across different countries face multiple challenges in delivering their goods and services around the world...

6 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer at Bringg

As temperatures soar and the days get longer, we're gearing up to a spectacular summer season. Our team keeps growing and this year's Annual Beach Day was the best one yet.

Democratizing Deliveries: The World Is Your Platform

As retailers around the world improve their delivery logistics capabilities, they face major strategic challenges when deciding how to manage their delivery operations. Build an in-house fleet or outsource it? Need delivery partners, such as 3PLs, to scale?

Amazon-Whole Foods Deal: the Biggest Wake-Up Call in Retail History

Amazon accounts for 43% of US online retail sales. The one sector of the retail market Amazon didn’t have a significant toe-hold in was the gigantic $800 billion a year grocery market. That is until now.

Don’t Miss the Disrupt Logistics Hackathon in Chicago!

Meet us at North America’s most high-level gathering of logistics executives and their manufacturer and retailer supply chain counterparts to discuss trends & challenges in the logistics & supply chain industry.

4 industries soon to be disrupted by Amazon’s deliveries

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods sent shock waves through the grocery retail industry. But there are other retail verticals which also have huge potential to grow through customer-centric solutions that perfect their last-mile logistics.

What Can Retailers Do to Mitigate The Escalating Costs of The Last Mile?

It is estimated that the last mile accounts for up to 28% of the total delivery cost for retailers. Top-tier service comes at a price and as customer demand for delivery speed and flexibility grows, retailers must find new ways...

Funding Trends on Food Deliveries: Meals vs Grocery Startups

While investment in meal delivery startups has been showing significant decline over the past five quarters, investment in grocery delivery startups is thriving - totaling $1.4B funding in 2016.

6 Innovations From Amazon To Strengthen Their Logistics Reach

With significant investments into the development of new technologies and infrastructure, as well as penetration of new product verticals, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with.

Mass Customization in the Last Mile

A “one size fits all” approach to customer service doesn’t cut it in this day and age. A customer-centric mindset means that, by definition, companies have to prioritize not only what customers want, but also when, where and how they want it.

Restaurant Chains Must Create In-House Fleets Before Food Delivery Companies Eat Their Lunch

The food delivery business is going through unprecedented change. Established chains and independent restaurants, as well as deliver-only services, are all aggressively trying to get a bite out of consumer wallets.