Mass Customization in the Last Mile

A “one size fits all” approach to customer service doesn’t cut it in this day and age. A customer-centric mindset means that, by definition, companies have to prioritize not only what customers want, but also when, where and how they want it.

The logistics industry has continuously evolved with speed, scalability and optimization in mind –  but today’s businesses need to shift their mindset to put customers first. Every delivery experience ends with a customer and their expectations regarding convenience and service are higher than ever before.

Mass Customization: Scaling Individual Preferences

The concept of mass customization, whereby a company is able to deliver personalized experiences at scale, is now more relevant than ever. The ability to mass-produce items to the individual customer’s tastes and needs began in the manufacturing world, and many companies have able to successfully provide customers with bespoke items. Dell and BMW are good examples of this – Dell customers can order computers made to their specifications and the company then assembles and tests them as requested just before they are shipped and delivered. BMW cars also incorporate a great degree of customization, with the brand claiming that no two of its new cars are identical.

In the on-demand era, in which brick and mortar locations are no longer the only hook to attract clientele, the delivery and service sides of any digital purchase are just as important as the product itself. And the terms of delivery are just as customizable as the products themselves.

Building Loyalty Through Customization

With this in mind, we built Bringg as a platform that can scale a delivery operation, while taking into account customer demands. After all, our platform’s goal is to turn customers into fans, and to do this, it’s imperative to acknowledge that each user is unique.

Companies have an opportunity to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with customers through the ability to mass-customize communications. Businesses understand the need to take extra care with their most loyal users, and might want to trigger a specific promotion to reward frequent use by informing a driver that they’re about to deliver to a ‘VIP customer’, or share behavioral data with HQ to identify segments with special potential for growth.

Transforming Deliveries Into Unique Brand Experiences

Besides the ROI that mass-customization brings to a business, this approach can take a brand to a different height –  turning the delivery experience into a springboard towards understanding and delighting customers. Not only in terms of running promotions and targeted campaigns geared to generating revenues, but also in terms of acknowledging that customer priorities are the company’s priorities as well – and deliveries take place in the context of people’s lives and homes, never in isolation.

A very popular feature in our platform is what we call ‘Don’t Ring The Doorbell’, which lets customers ask drivers to use a different form of communication upon arrival. This is often used in homes where there’s a sleeping baby which may awake if the driver rings the doorbell. As we build technology for a leaner and more agile supply chain it is also great to delight and surprise customers by providing bespoke experiences that reflect and acknowledge the fact that every customer is unique.

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