Delivery Takes Center Stage In These 4 Christmas Campaigns

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With Christmas just round the corner, advertising campaigns are in full force with retailers hoping to get a piece of the action. While brick and mortar once dominated the retail landscape during the holiday season, 2017 marketing trends make it clear this is no longer the case. According to Adobe data, Cyber Monday 2017 generated $6.59 billion in revenue, making it the largest online sales day in history.

With retailers and delivery companies more aware than ever of the crucial role that e-commerce will play in the upcoming holiday season, their marketing campaigns also reflect this shift in focus. Many of the campaigns that traditionally pointed to in-store gift shopping now focus on how convenient it is to order online.

The holiday season is also the busiest time of the year for delivery companies. This holiday season, UPS expects to make about 750 million deliveries, a 7 percent increase from 2016. The U.S. Postal Service is predicting that it will deliver about 850 million packages, while FedEx expects as many as 400 million packages before the New Year.

These 4 creative marketing campaigns are a testament to the increasing importance of delivery during the festive season:


This holiday season, Amazon boxes are singing their way to their destinations. The commercial illustrates the supply chain in a fun way by bringing the entire distribution process to life with lovely human touches – like when the boxes squeal as they’re tickled by the stamping machine!


This UK retail giant transports viewers to a hi-tech Argos distribution centre and follows one elf as she races against the clock, desperately trying to get a stranded toy from the shop floor to Santa’s futuristic sleigh before it takes off… The commercial highlights Argos’ Fast Track same-day delivery service which can deliver presents in as little as 4 hours.

3. UPS

The Wishes Delivered campaign comes back for a fourth season, making dreams come true during the holiday season. The global initiative spreads goodwill and inspiration by delivering a few very special wishes while raising money for various nonprofits that improve quality of life around the world. Taylor’s first-time flight, aimed at inspiring young women to pursue careers in aviation, is just one of this year’s heart-warming stories.


Ebay’s advert asks the question ‘When did Christmas shopping get so beige?’, followed by snapshots of how Christmas is celebrated wherever you are in the world. Continuing their ‘fill your cart with color’ campaign, the commercial encourages people to embrace their individuality and tastes. With parcel delivery being an integral part of the eBay experience, the company is working hard to add personality, color and a sense of fun to the customer journey.

Raanan Cohen

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