4 industries soon to be disrupted by Amazon’s deliveries

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods sent shock waves through the grocery retail industry. But there are other retail verticals which also have huge potential to grow through customer-centric solutions that perfect their last-mile logistics.

These are 4 industries in which Amazon is already expanding across the world which might be about to be disrupted through a new level of service, speed and convenience:

1. Newspaper Deliveries

Publishers in major Spanish cities have teamed up with Amazon so that a physical newspaper can be ordered through the expedited delivery service. El Pais, Spain’s major newspaper with bureaus also in Latin America, will be brought to your door within the two-hour delivery window.

2. Furniture Deliveries

The online retail giant is making a major push into furniture and appliances, including building at least four massive warehouses focused on fulfilling and delivering bulky items. Furniture is one of the fastest-growing segments of U.S. online retail, growing 18% in 2015, second only to groceries. New research by IBIS World shows that about 15% of the $70 billion U.S. furniture market has moved online.

3. Flower Deliveries

This year, Amazon offered two-hour flower delivery for Mother’s Day. Amazon showed a little love for the largely under-appreciated procrastinators by offering two-hour flower delivery through Prime Now, the free delivery service available exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

4. Beer and Wine Delivery

Amazon launched alcohol delivery in its Prime Now service in Columbus and Cincinnati. The Seattle e-commerce giant follows Columbus startup Refill, produced by Columbus-based Alcohol Deliveries LLC, which for more than a year has operated a fast-growing app for local liquor stores to sell spirits as well as beer, wine and snacks. It’s already expanded into stadium-seat delivery.

All the above are just examples that show there is still significant room for growth and disruption. Delivery logistics will be used in ways we never imagined as technologies evolve – and speed and service will become just as valuable as the products themselves.

Raanan Cohen

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