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C-suite Teams Finally Discussing Transportation at a Strategic Level

According to DHL Supply Chain, the majority of c-suite decision makers view transportation as a strategic component of business growth, rather than as a commodity.

Buy Online, Deliver From Store: Turning Stores Into Agile Distribution Centers

Speed, flexibility and convenience are today’s currency, now that one of the key decision points for shoppers is whether the retailer is able to deliver exactly where and when they want their package.

We’re joining forces with DoorDash, helping restaurant chains reach more customers

Bringg's new strategic partnership with DoorDash, the on-demand logistics platform that connects customers with their favorite local and national businesses in more than 1,200 cities across the US and Canada

Welcoming Guy Bloch, Bringg’s New CEO

Capitalizing on Bringg’s tremendous market momentum, which includes the recent addition of customers such as Walmart and Arcos Dorados (McDonald’s largest independent franchisee), we are completely focused these days on rapidly scaling up our global operations.

Amazon Building a Massive Last Mile Fleet

This is Amazon’s boldest step to date to build a nationwide fleet that can fulfill last mile deliveries - bringing them ever closer to their customers.

eCommerce Insights: The Evolution of Consumer Demand

While people are buying more online, they see brick and mortar locations as complementary to their online experience. Retailers need to create a clear omnichannel strategy, thinking of eCommerce logistics and deliveries as an important part of the jigsaw rather than as a ‘competitor’ to in-store sales.

Walmart Launches Spark, a New Last-Mile Grocery Delivery Service, Powered by Bringg

Spark Delivery, Walmart's new last mile grocery delivery service is a crowdsourced platform which provides them another way to better deliver groceries to their customers.

Meet Bringg this fall in Philadelphia, London, Texas, Hamburg and Las Vegas!

The Bringg team will be attending multiple restaurant, retail and supply chain conferences around the world this fall. If you are planning to attend any of these events, get in touch so we can meet.

Kroger Driverless Grocery Deliveries are Here

Grocery retailer Kroger has partnered with the autonomous vehicle startup, Nuro to offer driverless grocery delivery to customers.

DoorDash Launches Monthly Subscription Service for Unlimited Food Deliveries

Food delivery by DoorDash is now offered in a subscription model - customers can receive unlimited deliveries with no delivery fee for a set price for month. With competition between third-party food delivery companies intensifying, this is a bold move to increase customer loyalty.

Nearly a quarter of Europe’s biggest retailers offer next-day delivery, industry quickly shifting to same-day delivery as standard

As next-day deliveries become the norm and same-day deliveries increase in popularity, retailers need to reappraise their last-mile fulfillment.

Dark Kitchens: Deceptive Experience or Genius Strategy?

Learn about the dark kitchen concept - a new trend in the food delivery industry designed to fulfill delivery orders without the traditional storefront.