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Re-Imagining Last Mile Logistics

Driverless trucks, drones, fully automated warehouses - these things were once the fantasies of science fiction. Now, however, the incorporation of these technologies into last mile logistics seems inevitable. First of all, let's take a look at last mile logistics; particularly, the "Last Mile Problem."

What is Last Mile Tracking?

What does last mile tracking mean? Learn about the two types of last mile tracking that changed the delivery logistics over the last decade

5 Lessons to be Learned From Washio’s Shutting Down

This week we learned about the shuttering of laundry cleaning startup Washio. There are some who will play the chicken little and say that the sky is falling - this is not the case. What we can learn from Washio, and other similar startups that closed down recently, are lessons...

Don’t Be Last Mile Blind: 5 Areas to Watch

In a world of technological wonders, it seems that businesses need to have an ever-increasing holistic view of their entire supply chain. That means what was once understood to be out of the view of the business is now required to be tracked. Shippers face a slew of challenges today that seem to compound by the day: in a recent study, 1/4 of shippers stated that supply chain visibility was the top challenge facing them today.

6 Steps to Optimizing the Last Mile of Parcel Delivery

Technology is the driving force behind change in nearly every industry, the parcel delivery industry is no different. The intensifying pace of innovation in the world of shipping and last mile deliveries has created an atmosphere in which businesses need to move fast in order to remain competitive. In terms of parcel delivery, the last mile is an area that now requires a particular focus on innovation.

Challenges of the Last Mile Delivery in Serving e-Commerce

The “Last-Mile” element of the home-delivery model represents more than 50 per cent of the total logistics cost and is fraught with challenges. Traffic congestion in urban areas and the tyranny of distance in remote...

6 Keys to Last Mile Efficiency

The last mile is the final step of the supply chain - the hand off between the business and the end customer. However, in order to get to that point, a business needs to have the infrastructure in place to facilitate operational efficiency needed to meet customer demands.

Why On-Demand, Why Now?

I want what I want, and I want it now! Sounds like an adolescent child, right? Well, you may not realize it, but it's actually all of us. In the on-demand era, we have all become so used to getting what we want at the push of a button, that we have come to expect it.

4 Last Mile Delivery Challenges for eCommerce

Learn about the challenges that eCommerce presents for last mile delivery and how investment in technological solutions can improve their delivery operations.